Below are some applications we've had success using. Please contact us for purchase and installation. We partner with many of these companies and can often pass on savings to our clients.

Webgility - Unify Enterprise: Transactions were being entered manually into QuickBooks, but with increasing volumes this was becoming difficult to manage and prone to manual errors.  Using ECC Desktop (a part of Webgility), we now have connected several marketplace and one online store, and have a unified inventory management across all channels.  Because all transactions, from all sales channels, are entered into QuickBooks, the client now has automatic and easy reports by channel.  With Webgility's Unify Enterprise (formerly eCC) clients can easily add new sales channels and products, and integrate with accounting, email marketing, and shipping platforms. This client has 3 sales channels: wholesale, online retail, and online wholesale.


Transaction Pro Importer / Transaction Pro Exporter: We set up a system for a client to spread landed cost to purchased items. The client used QuickBooks purchase orders to imports parts and equipment, but item cost in purchase orders do not include insurance, freight, and brokerage (customs) expenses, that can increase purchase cost by 5 to 10%.  If the purchase costs are not corrected to reflect full landed costs, inventory is undervalued, expenses are overstated, and item profitability is overstated. When the purchase order includes more than just a couple of items, manually calculating full landed costs becomes very difficult. However, you can easily import and export QuickBooks transactions using Transaction Pro Importer and Transaction Pro Exporter.
Data Transfer Utility: A client once had 35 QuickBooks files to manage different parts of their business.  This complication was not required from a financial point of view.  With 35 files keeping track, posting "intracompany" transactions was a full time endeavor plagued by human errors.  Additionally, reporting was a complicated spreadsheet based activity.  We used Data Transfer Utility to merge all 35 files into a single QuickBooks file; the client continued to have the same amount of control over the different parts of the business.  The Data Transfer Utility allows QuickBooks users to quickly and easily transfer (merge) list and transaction data from one QuickBooks file to another QuickBooks file.


HandiFox: A client of ours has a fleet of mobile salespeople, with each one carrying inventory.  The salespeople use an Android device to invoice and receive payment. HandiFox Sales is a comprehensive mobile sales solution designed for seamless QuickBooks integration.

Crik-IT: We used Crik-IT's warranty processing portal to set up a cloud-based warranty claims tracking system. A client's B2B customers could now submit warranty claims (even attaching photos or other documents).  The client's technical department are able to update claim status and performs required repairs as well. Reps, customers, and staff can see the status of a warranty claim anytime they like. Management can also run reports showing which parts are most problematic, what the issues are, and maintenance or replacement costs.

Jobber:  We have a client that is a landscaping service provider who manages multiple commercial properties with several different crews. Jobber was used to organize schedules, minimize downtime, and increase client-facing response times.

Custom Programming: We have special expertise in .NET programming using the QuickBooks SDK.  We built a custom interface from QuickBooks to Chase pay. With this interface, we automated a manual process and reduced processing time 95% while increasing reliability by eliminating human error.  We built an application to import bills from a proprietary legacy approval and management accounts payable system into five different QuickBooks files, while setting up filters to validate vendor names, class tracking, account numbering, and closing date.  We can build a custom application for any need involving QuickBooks.